about me

Immortalizing beautiful moments

The taste for photography starts with a friend's father's camera. It is with this friend that I discovered the fantastic world of photography. The connection with the arts started very early with paintings and drawings. Ever since he was little, he liked to do doodles. Learning photography goes through analog development, where he developed the development products with chemical elements purchased at the pharmacy and drugstore. The magic of the dark room took over me and that's why I think that black and white photography has a unique magic. I bought my 1st reflex camera in 1985, Practika B20 with the 50mm f1.8 lens, I still have it. For a long time the taste was put to sleep by circumstances of life and wake up again after a few years with the offer of a digital camera. Since then it hasn't stopped.

Exposições realizadas de fotografia:
Olhos d’ Oficio—IPJ Castelo Branco Maio 2005
Olhos d’ Oficio—EB2/3 Cidade C. Branco Setembro 2005
Olhos d’ Oficio—Ag. Escolas José Sanches Novembro 2005
Fotografra a Naturesa—IPJ Castelo Branco Dezembro 2005
Fotografra a Naturesa II — CyberCentro de Castelo Branco Janeiro 2006